Civil Works

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S.NoReferencesDescription of WorkYearName of Clients
1PEIC/KDT/1995/22 Dated. 31.10.1995Construction of Guest Waiting Facility for Patient's Attendants at Taluka Hospital, Kandhkot1996Pakistan Petroleum Limited
2HO/MDC/KDT/WC-07/00 Dated 7.4.2000Construction of Proposed Store/godown No. 2 for Spare Parts of Rig H-725 at Kandhkot Gas Field2000Pakistan Petroleum Limited
3Work Order 510 / 2003-04 Dated 15.12.2003Construction of Engine Overhauling Building at Main Work Shop, National Refinery Limited2003National Refinery Limited
4Work Order 603 /2003-04 Dated 21.1.2004Construction of Lavatory Block & Rest Area for Drivers at Truck Loading-1 & 22004National Refinery Limited
5EIC(HQ)/WW/CN-22/2004 Dated 23.8.2004Remodeling of 5th Floor Adjacent to Compression department to Accommodate ITD staff2004Pakistan Petroleum Limited
6SMEDA 28.1.05Construction of Offices at 5th Floor of Bahria Complex-II MT Khan Road Karachi2005Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority
7GM(C& ESS)/029/2005-6 Dated. 21.3.05Construction of Senior Executive Facility at OGDCL Bobby Camp District Sanghar2005Oil and Gas Development Company
8PS-244 Dated 11.06.2005Construction of department of, University of Karachi.2005KU with Tahir Enterprises
9EIC (HQ)/WW/CN-41/05 Dated 20.12.2005Renovation of Exploration Department at 3rd Floor, PIDC House2006Pakistan Petroleum Limited
10EIC (HQ)/WW/CN-02/06 Dated. 14.1.06Repairs / Renovation Owing to Damage Caused by Bomb Blast at 3rd Floor, PIDC House Karachi2006Pakistan Petroleum Limited
11EIC(HQ)/WW/CN-24/2006 Dated 7.6.2006Renovation of Finance and Exploration Department Lavatory Block at 3rd Floor, PIDC House, Karachi2006Pakistan Petroleum Limited
12Pre Drilling Civil Works of Qadirpur Well No. 38 in District Ghotki2006Oil & Gas Development Company
13CA-MTC-19/06 Dated. 28.06.2006Construction of Boundary / Fence & 03 Nose Watch Towers at Maripur Site, Karachi2007Public Sector Organization
14SUP/PLT/1195Construction of Burning Yard/ Building and its Approach Road in Plant2007Public Sector Organization
15PEIC/KDT/WC-/07Construction of Calvert Over Malir Canal at Kandhkot Gas Field2007Pakistan Petroleum Limited
16SUP/PLT/1264 Dated 19.07.2007Repairing of perimeter wall at Plant2007Public Sector Organization
17Exterior paint of Building # 298 excluding Right Wing at Plant2007Public Sector Organization
18Floor Raising Outside Pump Room Building 116 at SUPARCO Plant22007Public Sector Organization
19Termite Proofing for Building 151 Compressor House & Building 116 Pump House at Plant2007Public Sector Organization
20Closing of 09 lower Ventilator in Clothingstore Room no. 7 Building # 256 at Plant2007Public Sector Organization
21Extension of Wazoo Khana at SUPARCO Plant2007Public Sector Organization
22"PD/046/2007 Dated 31.10.2007""Strengthening of Departments" (Computer Science, Physics, Business Administration and Law)22007Urdu University with Tahir Enterprises
23Providing & Fixing of Aluminium Door for Preventation of Dust at SUPARCO Plant2007Public Sector Organization
24Extension of Wazoo Khana at Plant2007Public Sector Organization
25Replacement of Windows and Ventilators(glasses) for Building 151 (Compressor House) at Plant2007Public Sector Organization
26"QP/HRL-3 Dated 26-11-2007"Pre Drilling Civil Works of Qadirpur HRL Well No. 3 & 4 in District Ghotki2008Oil and Gas Development Company Limited
27"4200011729 Dated 14.12.07"Laying of Concrete Floor at DHP Plant Kandhkot Gas Field2008Pakistan Petroleum Limited
28"4200011978 Dated 14.01.2008"Construction of Boundary wall for KDT-9 including Casting of Supports and Anchor etc2008Pakistan Petroleum Limited
29"PL/08/PL/8025 Dated: 22-02-2008""Construction of Boundary wall / Fence around Nitrogen Operated Valve assemblies of WOP line NOV-3102 CH. 11+394 U/S Bagari Canal and NOV-3105 CH. 80.001 Darkhan Bungalows in section - iii at District Kashmore "2008PaK-Arab Refinery Limited
30"FWO 4200013478 Dated 17.6.08"Construction of Business Continuity Building at West Wharf Facility, Karachi2008Pakistan Petroleum Limited
31"4200014345 Dated 01.09.2008"Flooring Work at JE Mess of Adhi Gas Field Rawalpindi2008Pakistan Petroleum Limited
32 SUK-IBA/WORKS-241Construction of Perimeter wall of Sukkur IBA.2008IBA Sukkur
33"C&ES/2008/8077-I Dated 21.11.08"Construction of CCTV / Fire Monitoring Area at PS-1 Korangi, Karachi2008PaK-Arab Refinery Limited
34"4200015298 Dated 12.12.08"Supply & Fixing of Kerb Stone in Camp area at Kandhkot Gas Field2008Pakistan Petroleum Limited
35"4200011978 Dated 14.1.08"Construction of Boundary Wall for Kandhkot Well-9 (M) District Kashmore2008Pakistan Petroleum Limited
36"SC/PC/03/DHA Dated 10.10.08"Providing & Fixing of Pavers & kerb stone at DHA Phase-VIII Sunday Bachat Bazar.2009Shaheen Contruction
37"4200015310 Date 4.12.08"Construction of 15000 gallon Over Head Water Tank at PPL Mazarani Gas Field Larkana2009Pakistan Petroleum Limited
38"4200016189 Dated 6.2.09"Replacement of Broken/Crakes Tiles at West Wharf Depott.2009Pakistan Petroleum Limited
39"4200016189 Dated 6.2.09"Replacement of Broken/Crakes Tiles at West Wharf Depott.2009Pakistan Petroleum Limited
40"4200016205 Dated 13.3.09 "Civil Works at 6th Floor, Ex-Adamgee Office, PIDC House, Karachi2009Pakistan Petroleum Limited
41"4200016205 Dated 13.3.09 "Civil Works at 5th Floor, PIDC House, Karachi2009Pakistan Petroleum Limited
42MiscellaneousPainting works at miscellaneous places / location at PPL Head Office Karachi2009Pakistan Petroleum Limited
43"4200018606 Dated 20.11.2009"Construction of Boundary Wall for Kandhkot Well-8 District Kashmore.2009Pakistan Petroleum Limited
44"4200018538 Dated 12.11.2009"Construction of Car parking shed at Chachar Gas Field2009Pakistan Petroleum Limited
45Ref. # 1(2) (L)-PSP-PTR/09 Dated 28.3.2009Interior Development & Refurbishment Of TFC Larkana.2010Federal Board of Revenue
46"GB/-12716-17/09 Dated 7.7.09"Construction of Compliant & Quick Response Center / DPO Building, Kandhkot by PPL.2010DPO Kashmore
47"4200018434 Dated 4.11.09"Improvement of Roads in the field area at Kandhkot Gas Fields2010Pakistan Petroleum Limited
48"4200018125 Dated 25.12.09"Construction of Boundary Wall for Kandhkot Well-27 District Kashmore.2010Pakistan Petroleum Limited
49"4200018961 Dated 11.01.10"Construction of Civil Foundations for Compressors at Chachar Gas Field, Kandhkot2010Pakistan Petroleum Limited
50"4200019130 Dated 1.2.2010"Construction of Flooring at Dehydration Plant, Kandhkot Gas Field2010Pakistan Petroleum Limited
51"4200019192 Dated 04.02.10"Construction of Warehouse in KFGCS at Kandhkot gas field District Kashmore.2010Pakistan Petroleum Limited
52"4200019561 Dated 30.3.2010"Construction of Evaporation Pond at Production Facilities (Projects) Kandhkot Gas Field2010Pakistan Petroleum Limited
53"4200020062 Dated 7.6.2010"Construction of Foundation for Urea Reactant Tank @ Chachar Gas Field2010Pakistan Petroleum Limited
54"4200020454 Dated 13.7.2010"Civil Work of compressor's shed @ Chachar gas Field22010Pakistan Petroleum Limited
55"DGM(Maint)/Glass Cubical/10 Dated 9.8.2010"Construction of Cubical Glass Cabin at 2nd Floor of Ship Building Design office located in administration building, WW, Karachi22010Pakistan Petroleum Limited
5647000000817 Dated 16.8.2010Construction of Boundary Wall around Block Valve of KMK Pipeline BV-21 KM 43+500 Phulji, District Dadu Adjacent MW-06 Section -II2010PaK-Arab Refinery Limited
57"4200020766 Dated 30.8.10"Construction of PCC Road along with Storm Water Drain from Main Entrance Gate of Store to HSD tank at Adhi Store2010Pakistan Petroleum Limited
58"4200021044 Dated 13.10.10"Construction of concrete platform for cement & Chemicals at Kandhkot development store, Kandhkot Gas Field2010Pakistan Petroleum Limited
59"4200021651 Dated 3.1.2011"Miscellaneous Renovation/Repair works of Beach Hut 19-A, Hawks bay and 29-N, Sandspit, Karachi.2011Pakistan Petroleum Limited
60"4200021763 Dated 18.1.2011"Construction of 3 nos 16" dia pipeline culvert at ggm section vii KDT2011Pakistan Petroleum Limited
61"4200021762 Dated 18.1.2011"Supply of sweet earth at Section VII ROW and Re-Construction of Wells' Boundary wall at Kandhkot Gas Field.2011Pakistan Petroleum Limited
62"4200021835 Dated 25.1.2011"Rehabilitation of office building after damages caused by bomb blast at PIDC House, Karachi2011Pakistan Petroleum Limited
63"KINPOE-ANNEX-II/09-10/1961 Dated 2.2.2011"Construction of Skill Development Lab for Up gradation of KINPOE infrastructure, Karachi.2011Pakistan Automic Energy Commission
64"4200022650 Dated 19.2.2011"Construction of Foundation of Effluent disposal system KFGCS KDT2011Pakistan Petroleum Limited
6547000001101 Dated 7.3.201147000001101 Dated 7.3.2011 Renovation and Maintenance Work at Pumping Station No. 6 KOT Bahadur Shah2011PaK-Arab Refinery Limited
66"4200022729 Dated 31.5.2011"Renovation work of 1st floor PIDC House2011Pakistan Petroleum Limited
67TN-KEP-05/09-10 Dated 2.11.2011Renovation of KINPOE Buildings including Painting, Windows Replacement and Renovation of bathrooms.2011Public Sector Organization
68Reference *Repair & Maintenance Works at ps-6, kot Bahadur Shah PARCO2011PaK-Arab Refinery Limited
69"4200023675 Dated 03.10.2011"Extension of Masjid in Kandhkot Gas Field2012Pakistan Petroleum Limited
70"4200023820 Dated 17.10.2011"Construction of PCC road inside store yard at Adhi store2012Pakistan Petroleum Limited
71"4200023874 Dated 02.11.2011"Miscellaneous works, Spreading of Gravel inside Well Fence, Casting and Installation of 400RCC Covers slabs on Instrument Channels for wells, Construction of Two Boundary Walls, Construction of supports at GGM Section Walk ways Renovation work near SE & J2012Pakistan Petroleum Limited
72"4200024244 Dated 26.12.2011"Construction of Civil Foundation (02nos) for knowckout drums at Chachar Field2012Pakistan Petroleum Limited
73"4200024657 Dated 25.02.2012"Construction of PCC Flooring sump and Brickmasonry wall at Chachar Field2012Pakistan Petroleum Limited
74"4200025969 Dated 06.08.2012"Construction of Roto Jet Suction Pit at KFGCS, Kandhkot Field2012Pakistan Petroleum Limited
75"4200025050 Dated 04.04.2012"Construction of School Building at Govt Girls Primary School at Sanjer Khan Junejo, Taluka Tando Ada2012Pakistan Petroleum Limited
76"4200025050 Dated 04.04.2012"Construction of School Building at Govt Girls Primary School at Sanjer Khan Junejo, Taluka Tando Adam2012Pakistan Petroleum Limited
77"4200025050 Dated 04.04.2012"Construction of School Building at Govt Girls Primary School at Sanjer Khan Junejo, Taluka Tando Adam2012Pakistan Petroleum Limited
78Construction of Staff Hostel for 40 persons at HQS2012Public Sector Organization
79"4200026440 Dated 20.09.2012"Construction and Electrification of Guard room CUM Watch Tower at KFGCS2013Pakistan Petroleum Limited
80Construction of Dinning Facility for staff at HQS2013Public Sector Organization
81Reference *Construction of Security Barracks (30 persons) at linar, Larkana.2013Public Sector Organization
82Reference *Miscelleneous Civil works at Kandhkot Gas Field.2013Pakistan Petroleum Limited
83Reference *Repair and Maintanance work of NMPT hostel at PARCO ps-3 Shikarpur PARCO2013PaK-Arab Refinery Limited
84Reference *Renovation of 4th Floor Tiffin Room and Renovation of Staff Canteen 3rd floor, at PIDC House, Karachi.2013Pakistan Petroleum Limited
85"4200027899 Dated 29.3.2013"Civil Work of 6th & 1st Floor PIDC House2013Pakistan Petroleum Limited
86"4200027881 Dated 29.03.2013"Renovation of newly acquired office space at 1st floor PIDC House2013Pakistan Petroleum Limited
87"4200028080 Dated 21.04.2013"Hiring Services of Tractor for Leveling / Grading will be Required to Maintain Production facility ROW's at Kandhkot Gas Field on ROW's of 16" Dia GGM pipeline at section V and VI2013Pakistan Petroleum Limited
8863301(1718)WDHQ Dated 22.4.2013Extenion of Comd. Security House at HQs2013Public Sector Organization
89"EFP-IV/QP-50/2013 Dated 30.6.2013"Pre-Drilling Civil Work at OGDCL Qadirpur-502013Oil and Gas Development Company Limited
90A001-10-EFP-V/2013/487 Dated 19.08.2013Pre-drilling engineering works at well Kunnar Deep No. 9, District Hyderabad2013Oil and Gas Development Company Limited
91A001-10-EFP-V/2013/488 Dated 19.08.2013Pre-drilling engineering works at well Chak Dim 5 # 2 at District Sanghar2013Oil and Gas Development Company Limited
92A001-10-EFP-V/2013/898 Dated 12.09.2013Pre-drilling engineering works at well Chak 25C-1 at district Sanghar2013Oil and Gas Development Company Limited
93"4200030100 Dated 20.9.2013"Construction of Boundary wall and Panel room for well Kandhkot-25 (u/m), Kandhkot Gas Field (sv-73367).2013Pakistan Petroleum Limited
94"4200030100 Dated 09.12.2013"Construction of boundary wall and panel room for well Kandhkot-25 (U/M) at KDT Gas Field2013Pakistan Petroleum Limited
95AO/EFP-IV/QP # 53/2014 Dated 12.05.2013Pre-drilling civil works at well QP # 53 District Ghotki, Sindh2014Pakistan Petroleum Limited
96ConfidentialConstruction of ABSL Lab at KARACHI2014Public Sector Organization
97"4200029330 Dated 06.9.2013"Laying of 110mm Dia HDPE Pipe for Annulus water line from well to plant at Adhi Field.2014Pakistan Petroleum Limited
98"4200030375 Dated 03.01.2014"Provision of water Bowsers on Rental Basis for water Sprinkling on ROW and well access roads at Kandhkot Gas 2014Pakistan Petroleum Limited
99"4200030691 Dated 10.02.2014"Repair and Maintenance of Boundary wall around well Kandhkot-192014Pakistan Petroleum Limited
100"4200030709 Dated 18.02.2014"Supply and Installation of UPVC Windows Glazed at Head Office2014Pakistan Petroleum Limited
101AO/EFP-1/Civil/2014/301 Dated 19.04.2014Pre-drilling Engineering works at Loti Deep # 1, District Dera Bugti, Balochistan2014Oil and Gas Development Company Limited
102"4200031729 Dated 16.06.2014"Construction of walls at CDR 5th floor PIDC House2014Pakistan Petroleum Limited
103"4200031940 Dated 12.07.2014"Renovation of 4th Floor Tiffin Room and Renovation of Staff Canteen 3rd Floor at PIDC House2014Pakistan Petroleum Limited
104"4200031938 Dated 12.07.2014"Construction of Pre-cast Boundary Wall & Miscellaneous Rig Yard Extension Works at Rig Yard Facility at Kandhkot Gas Field2014Pakistan Petroleum Limited
105Reference *Replacement of Roof Slab and Repair/Maintenance of New Lab Building at Tando Jam.2014Public Sector Organization
106Reference *Construction of Walls at CDR 5th floor,PIDC House2014Pakistan Petroleum Limited
107"4200031940 Dated 12.7.2014"Renovation of Tiffin Room & Canteen in 2014 at PIDC House2014Pakistan Petroleum Limited
108"AO/EFP-IV/QP/2014/1577 Dated 16.09.2014"Repair / Maintenance of Internal Roads Qadirpur2014Oil and Gas Development Company Limited
109"4200031938 Dated 12.7.14"Construction of Pre-cast Boundary wall at h-725 Rig yard Facilities Kandhkot Gas Field.2015Pakistan Petroleum Limited
110Construction of Officer's Rest House at Karachi2015Public Sector Organization
111Reference *Repair & Maintenance Works Civil at Sale Tax House, Sabzi Mandi, Karachi.2015Feederal Board of Revenue
112"4700003433 Dated 07.01.2015"Rockwall on Corporate Building-I2015PaK-Arab Refinery Limited
113"4200033465 Dated 09.01.2015"Rehabilitation of Damaged Vessels Foundation Bank 6 at Sui Purification Plant, Sui2015Pakistan Petroleum Limited
114"AO/EFP-IV/Ismail # 01/2015/1787 Dated 10.02.2015"Pre-drilling Engineering Works at well Ismail # 01 District Rahimyar Khan, Punjab2015Oil and Gas Development Company Limited
115"4200033768 Dated 11.2.2015"Miscllaneous Construction works at Gambat South Block2015Pakistan Petroleum Limited
1164200033768 Dated 11.02.2015Miscellaneous Construction Works at Gambat South Plant, Sindh2015Pakistan Petroleum Limited
117"4200034208 Dated 06.04.2015"Miscellaneous Civil and Painting works at Kandhkot Gas Field, Sindh2015Pakistan Petroleum Limited
118Security Works at KARACHI2015Public Sector Organization
119"AO/EFP-IV/QP # 55/2015/1942 Dated 12.05.2015"Pre-drilling Engineering Works at Well Qadirpur # 55 district Ghotki, Sindh2015Oil and Gas Development Company Limited
120"AO/EFP-IV/QP # 54/2015/1946 Dated 14.05.2015"Pre-drilling Engineering Works at Well Qadirpur # 54 District Ghotki, Sindh2015Oil and Gas Development Company Limited
121"4700003740 Dated 01.06.2015"Additional Work of Rock Walling Corporate Building2015PaK-Arab Refinery Limited
122PSSAsia/Lahore-1Crude/Condenstate Decanting Facility at MCR PARCO (Road Work)2015MOL
1234079/7/DESTO-BRC/Bio-WorksConstruction of Bio Material Repository at KARACHI2015Public Sector Organization
124"4200035482 Dated 12.08.2015"Civil / Electrical work for Tiffin Room 4th Floor PPL HO Karachi2015Pakistan Petroleum Limited
125No.BU/P&D/FO/01/05Construction of Faculty Offices2016Bahria University
126NO.73/RPOs/MRPConstruction of Regional Passport Offices2015Government of Pakistan, DGIP
127"4200038022 Dated 26.9.2016"Provision of Paint & Cable Duct Work at PPL's Head Office Karachi2016Pakistan Petroleum Limited
128100065 Dated 14.12.2015Construction of Innugration Plaques at Rehman Productuion Facility, Sindh2016Polish Oil & Gas Company
1294200036577 Dated 15.12.2015Construction of Boundary wall Trenches, CP Enclosure and Control Panel Room at Well KDT-33 (M) Kandhkot Gas Field2016Pakistan Petroleum Limited
1304200036581 Dated 15.12.2015Construction of Flooring Inside Fence Enclosure at KDT -31 (HRL) & KDT-32(SML)2016Pakistan Petroleum Limited
1314200036664 Dated 17.12.2015Provision of Supply & Installation of Carpet Tiles DMD (TS)2016Pakistan Petroleum Limited
1324200037160 Dated 29.1.2016Removal Installtaion of New Chain Link Security Fence At PPL Hala Adam field At Hala Block2016Pakistan Petroleum Limited
1334200037648 Dated 29.3.2016Provision of Civil & Electrical work at Head Office for Construction Department office at 1st floor and IT Room at 5th Floor2016Pakistan Petroleum Limited
134100095 Dated 30.03.2016Electrical & Civil Works for Warehouse at Rehman Production Facility, Sindh2016Polish Oil Gas Company
1354200037755 Dated 1.4.2016Construction of Overhead Tank, Tube Well and Pumping Works at Gambat South Gas Processing Facility (GPF-III) For New Accomodations2016Pakistan Petroleum Limited
1364200037397 Dated 5.4.2016Construction of Access Road & Well Site Location at Well Mazrani Deep2016Pakistan Petroleum Limited
1374200038022 Dated 27.4.2016Carpenter Works at Training Center No.22016Pakistan Petroleum Limited
138WASO-P(CH)-001-PNRA(13)-CFPS-ADCConstruction on Cat-II Flats & Parking Shed2016Public Sector Organization
139KANUPP/T&TConstruction of KANUPP Buildings2017Time & Tune
141NDC/Civil-483(9)/2017Construction of Production Hall and Allied facilities at site # 12P 2017National Development complex
142No. 6336316/16-17/WDI/SPARC-ISB/WOInstallation of Razor edge wire on Exsisting DHA Boundary Wall (2.384 km) at SPARC , Islamabad. 2017SPARCO
143ND/W&S/Civil-510(9)/2018Construction of Road, Secuirty Area & Security Room for UIH at Site 2018National development complex
144NDC/W&S/Civil-511(9)/2018Construction of Production Facilities & Area Development at Site2018National Development complex
14514/SV/18130502Construction of Access Road & Well Site Location for exploratory well Badeel X-1 at Gambat South field SV-101305022018Pakistan Petroleum Limited
14614/SV/18125424Construction of Boundary wall watch Towers and Guard room at gambat south SV-10125424 2018Pakistan Petroleum Limited
14714/SV/18129034Construction of Access Road and Well Site Location for work over Well ADHI 10 W/O2018Pakistan Petroleum Limited
14814/SV/10132836/2018Construction of Access Road and Well Site Location at Well Yasar X-1 SR N0.10132836 W/O2018Pakistan Petroleum Limited
14914/SV/10128905Construction of ATM Room, Drivers Room, Dispatch Office, FCSS Arsenal Room & Two Nos Toilets at GPF, Shahdadpur2018Pakistan Petroleum Limited
15414/SV/19198903Construction of Access Road and Well Site Location for Adhi South X-4 SV-10138903 2019Pakistan Petroleum Limited
15514/SV/19198888Construction of Access Road and Well Site Location for Adhi 33 SV-10138888 2019Pakistan Petroleum Limited
15614/SV/19138915Construction of Access Road, Well and Camp Sites Location and Maintenance Work and Water Supply at Well and Camp during Drilling Period for Dhok Sultan X-2 (Dhok Sultan South X-1) SR - 101389152019Pakistan Petroleum Limited
15714/SV/1913889Construction of Access Road, Well And Camp Sites Location And Maintenance Work for Well Margand X-1 SR 101388892019Pakistan Petroleum Limited
1584/SV/138876Construction Of Access Road, Well And Camp Sites Location And Maintenance Work For MURAD X-1 At Kalat Block SV-101388762019Pakistan Petroleum Limited
15914/SV/19139589Construction of Access Road Well and Camp CHOLISTAN X-1 SR 101389012019Pakistan Petroleum Limited