List of Equipment Civil
1Excavator03 Nos.
2Static Roller04 Nos.
3Vibrator Roller05 Nos.
4Dozer03 Nos.
5Grader03 No.
6Loader04 No.
7Paving Machine02 No.
8Hilty Jack Hammer04 No.
9Concrete Mixer Machine10 Nos.
10Toyota Pickup 4x205 Nos.
11Toyota Pickup 4x403 Nos.
12Water Bowser Truck08 Nos.
13Dumper12 Nos.
14Water Tanker07 Nos.
15Massey Ferguson Tractor05 Nos.
16Tractor Trolleys05 Nos.
17Level Instrument08 Set.
18Theodolite Machine04 No.
19Dewatering Pumps Single Phase & III Phase15 Nos
20Floor Grinding Machine06 Nos.
21Vibro-Hammer06 No
22Hand Grinding Machine07 Nos.
23Compressor05 No.
24Generator Set 30KW / 10 KW China09 Nos.
25Vibrator12 Nos.
26Screed Vibrator05 No.
27Compactor08 No.
28Steel Shuttering25,000 Ft²
29Timber Shuttering60,000 Ft²
30Scaffolding with CI & MS Joints30,000 Feet
List of Equipment Mechanical
1DC Arc Welding Machine04 Nos.
2AC Air Cooled Arc Machine04 No.
3Argon Welding Machine02 Nos.
4Oxygen / acetylene Cutting Machine02 Nos.
5Semi Automatic Gas Cutting Machine01 No.
6Angle Grinding Machine Size 7”08 Nos.
7Cut off Grinder 14"04 Nos
8Chain Block 3 to 10 Ton03 Nos.
9Cold Cutting Machine03 Set
10Angle Grinding Machine Size 4”04 No.
11Hand Drill Machine05 Nos.
12Floor Mounted Drill Machine & Bits01 No.
13Chain Block 3 to 10 Ton03 Nos.
14Cut off Grinder 14"04 Nos
15Welding Leads, Electric Cables, Switch/PanelsVarious
16Generator Set 30KW / 10 KW China 04 Nos.
17Centrifugal & Gear Pump Set of Fountain 06 Nos.
18Casing For Boring ID 16”100 R.Ft.
19Casing For Boring ID 8”100 R.Ft.
20Casing For Boring ID 6”100 R.Ft.
21Lath Machine 7ft long & 5ft. Long2 Nos.
22Pipe Paint Scraping Machine for 6” Dia Pipelines2 Nos.
23Pipe Paint Scraping Machine for 8” Dia Pipelines4 Nos.
24Pipe Paint Scraping Machine for 16” Dia Pipelines5 Nos.
List of Equipment Electrical
1Earth Resistance Tester03 Nos.
2Megger / Insulation Tester02 Nos.
3Digital Tong Tester10 Nos.
4Multi Meter04 Nos.
5Hydraulic Lugs Punch Machine03 Nos.
6Cable Drums Stand02 Nos.
7Heavy Duty Drill Machines06 Nos.
8Folding Ladder Vehicle Mounted01 No.
9A Type Aluminum Stool upto 20ft height & Misc.Various
10Electrical Toll Kit Various
11Coverall with logo embossedVarious
12Safety ShoesVarious
13Safety HelmetVarious
14Safety Belt & Leather Gloves for Electrical WorksVarious