Mechanical Works

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S.NoReferencesDescription of WorkYearName of Clients
1PEIC/Kandhkot/WOC-25/96Fixing & Welding of Clamps on 16 inch Dia Gas Pipeline Sec V1996Pakistan Petroleum Limited
2Kandhkot/PEIC/CN-35/97 Dated 2/7/1997Fixing and welding of Clamps at 1 inch dia GGM section V & Section VI Kandhkot Gas Field.1997Pakistan Petroleum Limited
3KDT/PEIC/WOC-85/97 Dated 17-09-97Casting& Make up Bearing Adapter1997Pakistan Petroleum Limited
4KDT/PEIC/CN-38/98 Dated 1/5/1998Fixing and Welding of 1 inch dia Clamps at GGM section IV Kandhkot Gas Field.1998Pakistan Petroleum Limited
5KDT/PEIC/CN-21/98-99 Dated 16-10-98Fabrication & Welding of Surface Fitting at Feeder Line Well # 21 Kandhkot Gas Field1998Pakistan Petroleum Limited
6KDT/PEIC/WOC-45/98-99 Dated 06-01-1999Fabrication & Welding of Gas Accumulator New Arrangement for Gas SuPakistan Petroleum Limitedy from DHP to Gas Fire Generator1999Pakistan Petroleum Limited
7KDT/PEIC/CN-55/98-99 Dated 20-03-99Fabrication of Gate & Meter Shed at Well 21 & 22 Kandhkot Gas Field1999Pakistan Petroleum Limited
8KDT/PEIC/WOC-30/98-99 Dated 18-04-99Fabrication of Corrosion in Hobitor1999Pakistan Petroleum Limited
9KDT/PEIC/CN-09/99-00 Dated 13-07-99Fabrication& Installation of Cellar Grating for Well nos.19,20,21& 22 Kandhkot Gas Field.1999Pakistan Petroleum Limited
10KDT/PEIC/CN-69/99-00 Dated 3/4/2000Fabrication of Shed for Chemicals at Kandhkot Gas Field Store. 2000Pakistan Petroleum Limited
11KDT/PEIC/CN-47/00-01 Dated 28-01-2001Installation of Foam Tank at Gas Dehydration Plant at Kandhkot Gas Field.2001Pakistan Petroleum Limited
12KDT/PEIC/CN-47/00-01 Dated 24-8-2000Installation & Welding of Foam Tank at DHP at Kandhkot Gas Field2001Pakistan Petroleum Limited
13KDT/PEIC/CN-01/02-03 Dated 1/7/2002Changing of Surface Safety Valves, Kandhkot Gas Field.2002Pakistan Petroleum Limited
14KDT/PEIC/WOC-19/01-02 Dated 01-09-2002Laying & Welding of 4” MS Pipe Line in Camp area2002Pakistan Petroleum Limited
15KDT/PEIC/CN-42/02-03 Dated 17-12-02Laying of Kill Lines of Well Sites, Kandhkot Gas Field2002Pakistan Petroleum Limited
16KDT/PEIC/WOC-73/01-02Fixing of Pipe Clamp on High Pressure Pipelines2002Pakistan Petroleum Limited
17HO/MMZ/CN-13/2003 Dated 28.5.2003Modification of 3" Dia Water Line at Mazarani Gas Field2003Pakistan Petroleum Limited
18HO/JO/CN-09/2003 Dated 18.7.2003Installation & welding/Fabrication Services for Additional De-Ethaniser Overhead Compressor to be Installed at Adhi Gas Field2003Pakistan Petroleum Limited
19KDT/PEIC/WOC-42/02-03 Dated 17-12-2003Laying of kill lines at Well Sites2003Pakistan Petroleum Limited
20Work Order 434 / 2003-04 Dated 21.1.2004Installation of Directional Boards on Road No 50002004National Refinery Limited
21MIL-(03)/04/2521 Dated 5.5.2004Laying of 12" Dia Pipeline with Necessary Civil Works at CCA Colony, Karachi2004Mass Industries
22ADHI/PROD/CN-11/2004 Dated 7.6.2004Construction / Welding of Adhi Well-15, 6" NPS dia Feeder Line and Modification of Adhi Well Nos 11 Feeder Line2004Pakistan Petroleum Limited
23HO/JO/CN-07/2004Replacement of Pipeline Section of Well-9 at Adhi Field2004Pakistan Petroleum Limited
24492/2003-2004 Dated 3.12.04Providing & Laying of MS Line 8" Dia for 270 Tank to Tank No. 3002004National Refinery Limited
25HO/MDO(S)/WC-90/05 Dated 18.2.2005Providing Utility Services at Gwadar Port2005Pakistan Petroleum Limited
26HO/MDO(S)/WC-90/05 Dated 12.5.2005Providing Utility Services on Daily Rental Basis (Water / Diesel Pumps & Generators) for Use at Gwadar Sea Port During Drilling of Pasni X-2 Offshore Well2005Pakistan Petroleum Limited
27MZ/CN-04/2007 Dated 17.01.2007Inspection, Maintenance and Painting of Communication Tower2007Pakistan Petroleum Limited
28MZ/CN-05/2007 Dated 10.02.2007Fabrication & Erection of Shed and Electrical Works at Tube Well no.2 (Renovation of tube well No.2)2007Pakistan Petroleum Limited
29MZ/CN-08/2007 Dated 07.03.2007Providing and Installation of Iron Grill Over Room of Shaikh Goth Solar Panel Station2007Pakistan Petroleum Limited
30MZ/PEIC/WOC-13/2007 Dated 09.03.2007Providing of Steel Plateform and Bridge at SSGC Gas Injection Point Miro Khan Road Larkana2007Pakistan Petroleum Limited
31SUP/FTR/1292 Dated 12.03.2007Construction of Conditioning Chamber at Balochistan2007Public Sector Organization
32MIL-(03)/07/324 Dated 15.3.2007Sand blasting & Painting of New Fabricated Unit of FFBL at Workshop Facility2007Mass Industries
33SUP/PLT/1352 Dated 19.07.2007Replacement of 29 Nos Rusty Poles of SUP Old Colony and PRP area at Plant2007Public Sector Organizations
34SUP/PLT/1378 Dated 20.09.2007Supply & Laying of 62007Public Sector Organization
354200012155 Dated 05.02.2008Supply & Fabrication of Mild Steel Tank2008Pakistan Petroleum Limited
364200012154 Dated 05.02.2008Supply and Fabrication of SS Tank2008Pakistan Petroleum Limited
374200013021 Dated 10.5.2008 Providing & Apply of Paint on 16 Dia in GGM Sec-II(From Tie-in of Sec-1 to Buries Portion near Sona Village)2008Pakistan Petroleum Limited
384200013021 Dated 10.05.2008Providing and Apply of Paint on 16# Dia GGM in Section-II2008Pakistan Petroleum Limited
394200013478 Dated 17.6.2008Construction of Community Shed at West Wharf Depot.2008Pakistan Petroleum Limited
404200014314 Dated 01.09.2008Refurbishment, Modification, Erection Works for Design & Construction Departments Mobile Porta Cabin Including Electrification Works2008Pakistan Petroleum Limited
414200014383 Dated 7.9.2008Painting of Pipelines at Section V & Feeder Lines of Kandhkot-5 (U/M) & Kandhkot-17 (U/M) at Kandhkot Gas Field2008Pakistan Petroleum Limited
424200014584 Dated 28.9.2008Fabrication & Fixing of Stool at Mazarani Gas Field District Larkana2008Pakistan Petroleum Limited
43321/2007-2008 Dated 8.11.2007Coating & Wrapping of 8" Dia Pipeline from Truck Loading 1 to Truck Loading 2.2008National Refinery Limited
444200016378 Dated 8.4.2009Repairing of Fire Tender at Kandhkot Gas Field2009Pakistan Petroleum Limited
454200016608 Dated 14.5.2009 Providing & Apply of Paint on Pipeline at Kandhkot Gas field 2009Pakistan Petroleum Limited
464200016608 Dated 14.5.2009Necessary Repairing & Painting of Pipeline Section VII (loop line) at Kandhkot Gas Field2009Pakistan Petroleum Limited
47SCC/LDA/33/08-09Providing & laying of 12" Dia MS Pipeline for Sweet Water at LDA Sector-1 Hawks bay Scheme 42, Karachi2009Shaheen Construction Company
48SCC/FFBL/16/08-09Construction Steel Infrastructure as per Drawing, Adjacent Cool Tower at FFBL2009Shaheen Construction Company
494200018820 Dated 21.12.2009Painting of Pipelines at GGM Section II & Feeder Lines at Kandhkot Gas Field2009Pakistan Petroleum Limited
504200019632 Dated 10.4.2010Painting of Pipelines at GGM and Feeder Lines in Kandhkot Gas Field District Kashmore.2010Pakistan Petroleum Limited
514200019841 Dated 30.5.2010Painting of Pipelines at GGM Section III, Kandhkot Gas Field District Kashmore.2010Pakistan Petroleum Limited
52Service Order No. 47000001102 Dismantling & Removing of Gas Turbine Shed at Pumping Station No. 3 Shikarpur2010PaK-Arab Refinery Limited
534200022632 DATED 18.5.2011Installation of Inlet Gas Filter (02nos.), Suction Knowckout Drum (01no) and Discharge Knockout Drum (01no.) Complete with Fabrication of Connecting Piping, Valves; Fittings and Tie-in with Existing Piping at Chachar Gas Field, District Kashmore, Sindh.2011Pakistan Petroleum Limited
544200022666 Dated 23-5-2011Paiting OF 16" Dia Pipeline at GGM Section V & VII AT Kandhkot Gas Field.2011Pakistan Petroleum Limited
554200023288 DATED 05.8.2011Laying of New Domestic / Utility Water Piping Network Inside Camp Premises at Kandhkot Gas Field.2011Pakistan Petroleum Limited
564200024337 Dated 11.1.2012Fabrication of Shaft Sleeve for MEA Circulating Pump at PurificaTION Plant Sui Gas Field.2012Pakistan Petroleum Limited
574200025147 Dated 30.04.2012Miscellaneous Maintenance on Overhead Lines2012Pakistan Petroleum Limited
584200025194 Dated 07-05-2012Reparing of Fire tender Water Pump at Kandkhot Gas Field2012Pakistan Petroleum Limited
594200025625 Dated 4.7.2012Re-Coating of Exposed Portion of 10" Dia GGM Pipeline of Section 1 at Kandkhot Gas Field2012Pakistan Petroleum Limited
604200025705 Dated 13.7.2012Overhauling of PTO and Gear Assembly of Fire Tender (HINO JP - 8512) at Kandhkot Gas Field.2012Pakistan Petroleum Limited
614200025705 Dated 13.7.2012Overhauling of PTO and Gear Assembly of Fire Tender (HINO JP - 8512) at Kandhkot Gas Field.2012Pakistan Petroleum Limited
624200027005 Dated 17.12.2012Repair and Maintenance of Jones Crane K-0014 at Kandhkot Gas Field2012Pakistan Petroleum Limited
634200027071 Dated 22.12.2012Major overhaul of Miller BB 600DX Mobile Welding Plant at Kandhkot Gas Field2012Pakistan Petroleum Limited
6427000000108 Dated 3.1.2013Services for Piping Works for Fire Water Sprinke System on LPG Storage Bullets.2013Byco Petroleum Limited
654200030445 Dated 13.1.2013Services of Scaffolding Erection at Chachar Gas Field2013Pakistan Petroleum Limited
664200027289 Dated 16.01.2013Maintenance of Cooling Tower 1 at Kandkhot Gas Field Compression Station (KFGCS)2013Pakistan Petroleum Limited
674200027683 Dated 05.03.2013Services for Scaffolding and other Works at KFGCS2013Pakistan Petroleum Limited
684200027769 Dated 16.03.2013Repair / Maintenance of anti Splash System of CT-12013Pakistan Petroleum Limited
69 4200027858 Dated 26.3.2013Maintenance of Cooling Tower -2 at Kandkhot Gas Field Gas Compression Station (KFGCS) 2013Pakistan Petroleum Limited
704200028243 Dated 14.05.2013Supply of Welding Equipment on Day Rate Basis for Miscellaneous Welding Jobs During ATA 20132013Pakistan Petroleum Limited
714200028337 Dated 26.05.2013Repairing and Overhauling Utility Valves at KFGCS2013Pakistan Petroleum Limited
724200029033 Dated 05.08.2013Installation of Cooling Tower and Water Circulating Pump at Kandhkot Field Gas Compression Station (KFGCS)2013Pakistan Petroleum Limited
734200029528 Dated 28.09.2013Services for Erection of Scaffolding in Process Area2013Pakistan Petroleum Limited
744200030377 Dated 06.01.2014Fabrication and Welding of Nozzles of Condensate Flash Drum and Piping Work at Chachar Gas Field2014Pakistan Petroleum Limited
754200030734 Dated 20.02.2014Services of Scaffolding Erection at Chachar Gas Field2014Pakistan Petroleum Limited
764200031931 Dated 11.07.2014Supply / Erection & Dismentling of Scaffolding at Mazarani Gas Field2014Pakistan Petroleum Limited
774200033344 Dated 25.12.2014Overhauling and Maintenance of Well Test Separator at Kandhkot Gas Field2014Pakistan Petroleum Limited
784200034599 Dated 15.05.2015Refurbishment of Cowling and Gear Boxes Base / Foundations of Cooling Towers of Banks at Sui Gas Field2015Pakistan Petroleum Limited
79Reference *Laying of New CS Gas Pipeline 6" Dia SCH - 40 at Niamat Basal2011United Energy Pakistan
804200034682 Dated 23.05.2015Services for Interconnecting Job of CP-1 & CP-2 at KFGCS2015Pakistan Petroleum Limited
81PROC-SERVICES/CB/C&ESS-1912/768664/2017High Pressure Pipeline Construction Work - Fabrication & installation of 8KM flow line from OGDCL Resham well # 01 to Sinjhoro Plant, District Sanghar, Sindh2017Oil & Gas Development Company Limited
82PROC-SERVICES/CB/C&ESS-3043-2017High Pressure Pipeline Construction Work - Fabrication & Installation of 32 KM Flow Line for OGDCL Bhitrism West 1A Well # 1 At Bobi Oil, District Sanghar, Sindh2017Oil & Gas Development Company Limited
83Est. No. P-S (11) FGCP-II/2017High pressure pipeline construction work 55killo meter of 6" dia sch-80 lines 07 Nos Additional Wells OGDCL KPD-TAY Plant. 2018Oil & Gas Development Company Limited